Biden’s Mismanagement Continues

This week, we learned inflation has risen 12.6% since Joe Biden took office in January of 2021. Yet, Joe Biden tells the American people inflation is at “zero”. You can’t make this up.  First they said inflation was “transitory”, now they say there is no inflation. Everyday Americans know the price of everyday goods keeps […]

Biden is Doubling Down on his Failures

Instead of taking action against the prices at the pump, President Biden has doubled down on his extreme climate agenda. His loyalty to his climate elitist cronies will only push energy prices higher. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Americans are being crushed by Biden’s historic inflation and high energy prices. People […]

Bye-Bye Biden

American people are furious and it’s all about inflation- that’s what this election is about and it will determine the future of our country.  88% of Americans think this country is heading in the wrong direction and Democrats are, once again, working to build back Biden. But with his policies pushing over a trillion dollars […]

The Biden Economy

This past week, Joe Biden said his “economic plan is moving this country in a better direction.” His Press Secretary said “we are stronger economically than we have been in history.”  Who do they think they’re fooling? The cost of everything keeps going up and wages are not keeping up. Joe Biden’s economy is not […]