Bye-Bye Biden

American people are furious and it’s all about inflation- that’s what this election is about and it will determine the future of our country. 

88% of Americans think this country is heading in the wrong direction and Democrats are, once again, working to build back Biden. But with his policies pushing over a trillion dollars in taxes, more government spending, piling on in the green new deal…does anyone actually believe that raising taxing over a trillion dollars is going to help inflation? Or that taxing the companies that produce our oil and gas will lower the cost of energy? Not a single Republican would go for this.

The American people know what they want; they want enough money to be able to fill their tanks with gas, buy a week’s worth of groceries, and pay their bills at the end of each month. But Biden is not working towards that. He’s working towards higher taxes, higher government spending, and attacking energy.

We need better leadership, Biden’s strategy is not working.

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